Long-Term cooperation

We look forward to working with organisers of various workshops, trainings, classes, courses and seminars.

Our homely and well-equipped rooms in the administrative section of the Complex offer a wide range of possibilities and organizing both physical and intellectual classes. Long-term cooperation (long-term booking) with a stable partner, Termy Maltańskie, will help you establish and develop your business in a prestigious location within close proximity to the city centre.

Our rooms equipment (projectors, furniture, mirrors, mats, straps, bolsters, blankets, blocks, etc.) is an inspiration for instructors of various sports disciplines: yoga centres, dance, zumba, pilates, tai-chi studios and others who combine mental trainings with relaxation and body exercises.

Administrative facilities in Termy Maltańskie allow to conduct a few classes and seminars simultaneously.

 We look forward to our long-term cooperation.