HAMMAN – a ceremony based on the Middle East philosophy. It consists of four stages: the body warm up in a steam room, an intensive skin peel, a purifying foam massage and natural essential oil nourishing.

Duration: classic Hammam ceremony – about 60 minutes

Hammam and full body massage – about 120 minutes

RASOUL – combines the four elements: Water, Fire, Earth and Air into one exceptional experience for the body and soul. The Rasoul ceremony is a massage with mud of different colours and granulation and a hot steam bath, which exfoliates the skin and the subcutaneous tissue is reinforced. The ceremony has a positive effect on muscle tension and metabolism. During this treatment you will feel the climate of traditional oriental Rasoul with its exceptional atmosphere of half-light and scents. Rasoul means mud wraps, smoke sauna, steam sauna, peel and inhalation all in one.

Duration: about 45 minutes

INDOCEANE TREATMENT – is an incredible journey to the country of relaxation and beauty, during which you will learn about Chinese, Egyptian, Mediterranean and Indian philosophy, whereas your body will become extremely relaxed. This is a perfect choice for those who are overstressed and need to de-stress and feel better. The Indoceane journey begins with a full body peel. A luxurious and nourishing treatment makes the skin velvety smooth and silky soft. The next step will take you to Egypt, a place of eternity and tradition of its queen Cleopatra. A donkey milk bath is both relaxing and skin softening and extremely magnetising. The bath is a luxurious gift to your body. The next “station” of this revitalising journey is a stop in India, a country of Ayurveda. This ritual is based on a massage which will free your body and mind from stress. Our journey takes us to China. The whole body is covered by a silky mask, which is perfectly regenerating and moisturising. A delicate powdery scent of the mask intensifies its soothing and relaxing effect. The skin is delicate and velvet.

Duration: about 180 minutes

POLYNESIA TREATMENT – an exotic journey to the Polynesian archipelago – a sensuous, nourishing and relaxing treatment. This Polynesian ritual takes you to a sensuous journey to the Polynesian islands. Four stops on the islands of: Tahaa, Manihi, Bora Bora and Raiatea will take you to an exotic land of relaxation. Each island is the nest stage of a deeply relaxing and nourishing treatment. The products used during the Polynesia ritual contain nourishing substances known for centuries and traditionally used on the Polynesian islands. Recommended for the overstressed and tired, with no vitality, the skin that needs nourishing and regeneration.

Duration: about 120 minutes

A JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH – brings a wonderful world of the Far East scents, which will soothe the body and mind. Perfect after summer or winter time when the skin is visibly dry. A strong nourishing and regenerating effect. A delicate peel, mask and honey & almond massage provide a new sensuous experience and pleasure as well as allow a complete skin regeneration. It will be unbelievably soft, smooth and nourished and will regain its balance and elasticity.
Duration: about 120 minutes

ORIENTAL JOURNEY – take a journey to beauty. Indulge yourself in a luxurious massage with hot oil, which will reward you with a young look. A diversity of ingredients and aromas reminding of the Far East (myrrh and frankincense) will make the treatment a quintessence of change. The atmosphere of youth will come back and your skin will be extremely smooth, radiant, regenerated and nourished.

Duration: about 120 minutes

GOLD & PEARLS BODY CEREMONY – a precious combination of gold, pearls and champagne is the key to keep a young look and a silky radiant skin. Gold stimulates elastin and collagen production, smoothes and firms. It also hydrates deeply and soothes irritation. A champagne extract ensures comfort and allows you to enjoy the luxury and forget about everyday life. Delicate fruit acids are gently softening and stimulate skin regeneration. A diversity of antioxidants helps to fight free radicals. Amino acids nourish the skin and slow down ageing processes, whereas mineral hydrate and supplement minerals in the skin. The treatment is a perfect choice before important meetings, when you need to be in an excellent physical and mental condition.

Duration: bath, peel, massage and mask – about 140 minutes