Facial treatments

RE-BALANCING TREATMENT– a 100% natural treatment recommended for the oily and combination eczema-prone skin. A warm velvet algae mask returns its diverse marine minerals and vitamins to the skin. The treatment purifies the skin gently, activates blood circulations, detoxifies, prevents excessive cornification of the skin and helps to regulate sebum production using Laminaria algae extract.

Duration: about 60 minutes

THALGODERMYL– a therapeutic treatment for those suffering from acne, who can regain a healthy and clean skin. All test have proved that it has an anti-sebum, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. Thalgodermyl allows to achieve immediate results. The purpose of the treatment is to regulate the activity of sebaceous glands, minimise skin pores, prevent blackheads and inflammations and improve the skin moisture and tone.

Duration: about 60 minutes

EYE EXPERT TREATMENT – an innovative, extremely effective eye contour treatment. The treatment solves all problems that affect the delicate skin of the eye contour area – wrinkles, shades, puffiness and dryness. Due to a combination of study and nature unique products have been created to restore a radiant look and prolong eye youth and beauty. Advanced active ingredients, such as: collagen, hyaluronic acid, silicone, red algae – reduce puffiness, smooth the skin of the eye contour area, reduce shades and wrinkles, revive the tired-looking skin and brighten the skin around the eyes. The treatment works to make the skin supple and smooth, and evidently reduce wrinkles, puffiness and shades around the eyes.

Duration: about 40 minutes

ALGOMEGA NUTRITION TREATMENT – a nourishing treatment for the dry and dehydrated skin. Due to harmful factors that affect the skin and ageing processes, the skin is no longer bright and vital, fresh and soft, but becomes tight and grey. The treatment is deeply nourishing and makes the skin extremely fresh. The Algomega complex, rich in essential fatty acids, helps to regulate the skin moisture. The skin becomes velvety smooth, regenerated and soft.

Duration: about 60 minutes

CHRONO DETOX FACIAL TREATMENT – an express purifying and oxygenating treatment. A real boost of energy, which makes the skin relaxed, oxygenated and bright. The ingredients of the products ensure complete care and protection: the O2 Protect complex fights free radicals, the Moringa oleifera seed extract protects cells against pollutants and removes the signs of fatigue, an active ingredient from a natural amino acid – creatine – stimulates cell breathing, white lupin reinforces the skin barrier.
Duration: about 50 minutes

OCEAN TREATMENT FOR MEN – an intensive treatment created for the male skin. The power of the treatment lies in a blue algae, rich in vitamins and minerals. The treatment stimulates cell regeneration, is energizing, removes the signs of fatigue and slows down the skin ageing process. After the treatment your skin will be smooth and supple. Male fragrances will make you relax fully and regenerate your skin.

Duration: about 55 minutes

REGENERANT 3+1–  a 35-minute express regenerating treatment which will help you regain a healthy look and forget about everyday troubles and tiredness. It restores radiance, nourishes and makes the skin smooth.

Duration: about 35 minutes

HYDRA – an intense hydrating treatment for the dry skin with small wrinkles, no elasticity, sensitive and tight. The treatment provides and immediate solution to the problems and improves the skin condition visibly. It corrects external signs of the skin dryness by quenching its thirst. It gives the skin intense hydration by rebuilding its ability to produce lipids, prevents an excessive water loss and keeps an optimal hydration level.

Duration: about 75 minutes 

SPIRULINES – a treatment that provides the skin with all components necessary for its proper functioning, fights all types of wrinkles, a loss of firmness and elasticity, improves the skin tone, sculpts the face oval and prevents new wrinkles – a complete skin regenerating and rejuvenating treatment due to innovative ingredients and a new massage technique.

Duration: about 75 minutes 

SENSIBEAUTICS– a soothing treatment for the sensitive reactive skin with broken capillaries, which minimizes redness and makes the delicate skin calm and more tolerant. The treatment provides the skin with all components necessary for its proper functioning. It is refreshing, soothing, calming, comforting, relaxing as well as improves the skin tone due to innovative ingredients and a new massage technique.

Duration: about 60 minutes

ESPRESSO – a treatment created for men, based on quality organic ingredients. Organic green coffee stimulates the skin microcirculation, barley straw extract, rich in vitamins and minerals, nourishes intensely, sweet clover and black elder alleviate and regenerate the skin irritated by everyday shaving. After the treatment your skin will be fresh, smooth and revitalised.

Duration: about 75 minutes

SUSHI CEREMONY – the Sushi Ceremony products are a perfect solution for multidirectional treatment of the mature skin’s problems, which result from ageing. A new formula of products is based on Alpine Plants Complex, which detoxifies the skin and revives its brightness and vitality. The ingredients ensure effective reduction of the hyper-pigmented skin. Oryzanol, a significant ingredient of the line, helps to improve microcirculation and reduce wrinkles.  It is complimented by vit.  E with hyaluronic complex, which smooth the skin effectively and make it supple, youthful and elastic. Additionally, a facial massage based on shiatsu techniques will harmonize senses, ensuring full relaxation and lessening of tension.

Duration: about 60 minutes

GOLD & PEARLS CEREMONY – is a unique line that guarantees high quality, safety and astonishing results in preserving the young-looking skin. Gold particles improve the skin condition, make the tissues more elastic and stimulate the collagen production process. A precious formula of this line contains not only gold but also pearls, which are an exclusive factor used in modern cosmetology as a valuable radiance ingredient reducing wrinkles and restoring firmness to the skin. The precious mixture of products is enriched by caviar and champagne extracts.

Duration: about 70 minutes

SENSISKIN GARDEN CEREMONY – is a garden full of herbs and plants selected specifically for the sensitive skin. Cosmetics from this line contain active ingredients, which are calming and soothing. Additionally, the formula includes a red algae extract, which has stimulating and moisturising properties and is rich in proteins, vitamin C and B vitamins. The base of this line of products are delicate and soothing extracts, which are extremely effective. The mature skin will be stimulated and smooth due to a cherry extract. The skin with broken capillaries will be nourished by cranberry or blueberry extract, tannins and vitamins. The oily skin will be balanced due to a bouquet of aromatic herbs, such as basil, fennel and parsley.

Duration: about 70 minutes

EYE CONTOUR CEREMONY – the eye contour skin is extremely delicate. It requires special care, which can be ensured only by quality products dedicated to this special area. To fulfil these precise requirements, the EyeContour line has been developed for the eye contour area at various ages, based on organic ingredients derived from plants. The cosmetics are eco-friendly, meeting the highest quality standards and safety requirements.

Duration: about 45 minutes

ACID PEELS– advanced technology skin peels with fruit acids and beta hydroxy acids. They guarantee high quality and effective exfoliation. They are a perfect solution to the problems of the face and body skin.

  • G-Peel 40% – deep peeling and regenerating acid, which is able to penetrate to the papillary layer of the skin. It has a strong anti-ageing effect. It changes the epidermis structure stimulating production of new cells and collagen fibres and moisturising glycosaminoglycans, as well as activates the repair processes of damages caused by UV. It also minimises small scars and post-inflammatory spots.
  • M-Peel 40% – an active skin peel recommended for all skins, especially the sensitive skins that do not tolerate other AHA acids. Perfect for the skin exposed to photoageing. Regenerates the skin by increasing elastic fibres synthesis. A synergy of two acids included in the formula is perfect for the skin with acne, overproduction of sebum, keratosis pilaris or rosacea.
  • S-Peel 20% – a perfect combination for the mature and oily skin care. Recommended for reduction of scars or even stretch marks. Salicylic acid has an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect as well as stimulates the process of healing eczema and irritation. Pyruvic acid intensely stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, moisturises and prevents excessive cornification of the skin. Retinol prevents new wrinkles, reducing the existing ones, increases the skin elasticity and minimizes the hyper-pigmented skin.
  • F-Peel 20% – a perfect peel with incredible lightening, rejuvenating, regenerating and minimizing hyper-pigmentation effect. Ferulic acid restores an even skin tone as well as a young and fresh look. It has a strong antioxidant effect protecting the DNA of cells and neutralising free radicals. Additionally, lactic acid moisturises and stimulates ceramide synthesis ensuring proper skin protection.

ENDERMOLIFT – a natural and non-invasive anti-ageing treatment, which fortifies the skin by mechanically stimulated fibroblasts, which produce collagen and elastin. The treatment head flaps move with variable pulse speed and their movement is caused by sequential suction available at various levels. Endermolift means draining, smoothing and firming all skin types.

Duration: about 30 minutes