SWEDISH MASSAGE – the most popular and universal body regeneration treatment. Improves the skin, subcutaneous tissue, joint capsules and ligaments, as well as the cardiovascular, nervous and endocrine systems. It can be both relaxing and stimulating, depending on its intensity.

Duration: full body about 60 minutes, one body part about 30 minutes.

FACIAL MASSAGE – a smoothing and firming treatment to relax the facial muscles and revive the tired looking skin. The massage improves the skin blood flow, which improves the skin tone, reduces troublesome shades and the hyper-pigmented skin. A regular facial massage makes the skin more elastic, supple and smooth, as well as prevents wrinkles.

Duration: 30 minutes

FOOT MASSAGE – one of the most enjoyable methods of relaxation. Feet are very sensitive to touch and their massage makes the whole body deeply relaxed and calms us down. Stimulating thousands of nerve endings which lie in feet eliminates pain or tension accumulated in an overstressed body quickly and effectively.

Duration: 25 minutes

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE – a massage that combines a healing power of touch with unique properties of essential oils. It allows deep relaxation. Recommended especially for those who wish to relax their body fully, particularly their back, neck, arms and feet.  This aromatherapy treatment will also help you clear your mind.

Duration: full body about 60 minutes, one body part about 35 minutes

CANDLE MASSAGE – this ritual massage is performed with the use of hot wax dripping from a lit candle which consists of 100% natural oil and an aromatic mixture of essential oils. Its unique formula leaves the skin marvellously moisturised, silky smooth and soft.
Duration: full body about 60 minutes, one body part about 30 minutes

HOT STONE MASSAGE – a deeply relaxing and revitalising massage. During this treatment hot volcanic basalt stones affect energy points called chakras. A combination of hot stones with proper massage techniques is beneficial for a tired body and mind.

Duration: full body about 60 minutes, one body part about 30 minutes

LAVA SHELL MASSAGE – an extremely relaxing treatment from the Philippines. The essence of the treatment is the heat of shells combined with a manual massage of the body and individually selected oil. The lava shell massage is recommended for those who wish to feel like they were on an exotic beach, nourish and heat up their body and relax their mind on a cold and cloudy day.

Duration: full body about 60 minutes, one body part about 30 minutes

BODY SHAPING MASSAGE – a combination of a manual massage and a Chinese bubble massage. A shaping massage is designed to stimulate and improve the skin elasticity. If performed properly, it helps to slim the body and shape it at the same time. The main purpose of the treatment is to break up fat tissue, remove toxins from the body and improve the skin blood flow, which boosts metabolism.

Duration: about 50 minutes 

ABHYANGA – a full body massage from India. During this treatment a large amount of nice warm oils is spread all over the body. The type of essential oil used depends on a particular dosha. The massage helps to relieve stress, warms up muscles and tones the skin. A regular treatment reveals a beautiful and healthy skin tone, whereas the oils penetrate the skin deeply to hydrate and nourish it. The Abhyanga massages can also help fight insomnia and stress.
Duration: about 40 minutes

SHIRODHARA – the treatment involves a forehead massage, especially the “third eye” chakra, with a stream of warm sesame oil. It is called a treatment that maintains youth and longevity. It releases most problems caused by Vata energy disorders, i.e. chronic headaches and sinus pains, sleeplessness, nervousness, hearing and vision impairment.

Duration: about 35 minutes

DRY HYDROTHERAPY MASSAGE – also called a dry water massage. It allows to experience a hydro massage while fully clothed. The treatment improves blood flow and metabolism as well as increases the transport of oxygen to the muscles. It helps to reduce stress and relax.
Duration: about 15 minutes

AQUAVIBRON – a dry massage that uses a special device with a vibrating membrane. Water floats through the device and its pressure makes the membrane vibrate. The aquavibron influence and its therapeutic effect is similar to a Swedish massage.

Duration: about 30 minutes

UNDERWATER MASSAGE – affects the body similarly to a Swedish massage: it improves blood flow, which helps to oxygenate and nourish body tissues. However, water massage is considerably stronger and more intense than a classic massage. The purpose of the treatment is to relax muscles as much as possible. The massage also improves the condition of the skin and thus can be treated as an anti-cellulite treatment.

Duration: about 20 minutes

INDIVIDUAL THERAPY – a physiotherapist diagnoses problems and recommends a proper, individually selected therapy, which includes a deep tissue massage, manual therapy techniques, a trigger points therapy and kinesiotaping, as well as rehabilitation exercises.  The massage is recommended to people with a spinal pain syndrome, degenerative changes, injuries and other musculoskeletal disorders.

Duration: about 60 minutes