1. SPA 1306 zone (hereinafter called: SPA 1306) constitutes the integral part of sport and recreation complex Termy Maltańskie (hereinafter called the Complex), in the area of which the following provisions of the Complex Regulations (hereinafter called: the Regulations) shall apply as well as SPA 1306 Regulations (hereinafter called: SPA Regulations).

2. Before entering SPA 1306 zone and before buying any of the offered services, please read the Complex Regulations and SPA Regulations, available at SPA 1306 reception desk and on the website of the Complex. Using SPA 1306 is equivalent with the approval of all and any provisions of Complex and SPA regulations.

3. SPA 1306 is the zone of silence and relax for body, mind and spirit. In order to provide comfort for all users, MP3 receivers, cameras and mobile phones are forbidden.

4. In case of failure to adjust to the provisions of the Complex and SPA Regulations by a user of SPA 1306, in particular in case of disturbance of public order, infringement of the principles of morality and good conduct, including the improper behaviour in the place of stay, the employees of the Complex are entitled to demand the person to leave SPA 1306  and even the whole Complex without the possibility of refund of the incurred costs of stay. In this case the full price of services in the area of the Complex is charged, as specified in the pricelist, and the payment is non-refundable in case of undue contract execution by a person behaving improperly, as described above.

5. Independent use of SPA 1306 is allowed for people aged 18 and over.

6. A person who decided to use SPA 1306 services, is aware of his/ her own health condition and does not conceal any facts concerning health. After receiving the aforementioned information, the SPA 1306 employee takes the decision on performing the treatment (rendering the service), only if – in the view of the employee – the treatment shall not deteriorate the health condition of the user.

7. A person suffering from any disease is obliged to inform SPA 1306 employee about it when booking the treatment or directly before the treatment. A person who fails to provide information or conceals information about the personal health condition uses SPA 1306 exclusively on his/ her own responsibility.

8. A pregnant woman can use SPA 1306 services on condition she signs a written declaration (Annex no. 1) that she is aware of her health condition and voluntarily decides to benefit from a given treatment. If SPA 1306 employee thinks the selected treatment may be detrimental to the health of the client, then the employee can refuse to perform the treatment.

9. The following people are prohibited to use SPA 1306 services:

a. people whose condition indicates alcohol intoxication, psychotropic drugs intake or use of other narcotic drugs,

b. people with open wounds and acute dermatitis,

c. people whose behaviour constitutes danger to other users and employees of the Complex.

d. people, whose level of personal hygiene deviates from the generally accepted standard,

e. ill people in case of whom the treatment may lead to health deterioration,

f. ill people, whose disease may be dangerous to other people.

10. People who want to benefit from treatment, particularly those performed using the equipment, are obliged to read the list of counter-indications and confirm this fact with filling in the Client’s Sheet (hereinafter: Client’s Sheet – Annex no. 2). In case of failure to sign the Client’s Sheet, the treatment shall not be performed.

11. People benefitting from treatments are obliged to report to the SPA 1306 reception (hereinafter called: the Reception) at least 15 minutes before the time of the scheduled treatment in order to fill in the client’s Sheet, and in case of pregnant women, also to sing the declaration on no counter-indications to perform the treatment, specified in point 8. If you are late for treatment, the time of delay is deducted from the total time of the treatment. In case of delay exceeding 15 minutes, the personnel of SPA 1306 reserves the right to cancel the reservation for treatment.

12. The payment is made after the treatment, on the basis of the updated price list. The Client who has no financial resources for payment is obliged to fill in the form (Annex no. 3) and make the payment in the period of the next 7 days. In case of failure to do so, the case is referred to the court.

13. Before you use our services, you must change clothes in the changing room and leave your personal effects in the lockers provided. SPA 1306 provides special garments for services.

14. The treatments are provided in special rooms and facilities adjusted to particular types of services.

15. In order to guarantee safety to all users and in order to increase the effectiveness of treatments, it is necessary to:

a. inform an employee of SPA 1306, before the treatment, about:

– used medications,

– past diseases,

– possible counter-indications

– history of using similar services;

b. the usage of the swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna before the treatments;

c. the avoidance of copious meals at least one hour before the treatment;

d. the avoidance of sunbathing directly before and after the treatment;

e. drinking large amount of still water after the treatment.

16. SPA 1306 employees shall not take care of children and they have no obligation to take care of children left unattended when their legal or actual carer benefits from treatment or other services of the Complex. The employees of SPA 1306 are obliged to inform their superiors about minors left unattended, and in case of prolonged absence of their legal or actual carers – call the police.

17. Any complains and comments must be reported during the treatment or directly after the treatment to the personnel of SPA 1306, and in case of refusal to accept complaints or comments, they must be reported to the employees of the Reception or Client Service Department on leaving the Complex the same day. In other cases no complaints or comments shall be accepted or considered.

18. These SPA Regulations become valid and binding on 29.07.2015.