Aqua Fitness

AQUA FITNESS is now one of the most popular forms of physical activity. Due to the properties of water environment the training does not strain your joints while it is effective and enjoyable. This form of exercises is a perfect endurance and strength training (it stimulates the abdominal, back and buttocks muscles to keep a vertical position).


classes in water, including various forms of basic steps and general, breathing, flexibility and stretching exercises, as well as therapeutic ones to strengthen and improve particular muscle groups. The classes are recommended for mature and elder people and those after musculoskeletal injuries or having rheumatism.


is a perfect strength training: water stimulates abdominal, back and buttocks muscles to keep a vertical position and engage stabilizer muscles. Various aqua aerobics classes allow to choose the right ones depending on our fitness level, condition and preference.


Zumba is an innovative fitness system inspired by Latin dances which not only sculpts our body and improves our physical form through great fun, but, above all, fills us with optimism and makes us feel better, which remains with us for a long time after the classes.


Water exercises are widely used in treatments and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and neuromuscular systems disorders: they relieve the spine and joints, reduce muscle tension and increase the elasticity of tendons and ligaments. Moreover, water activity has a positive effect on our body’s endurance as well as improves our motor coordination and balance.

The classes in Termy Maltańskie fulfil all criteria of an effective water rehabilitation while a proper water temperature (31-340C) guarantees full relaxation necessary during the exercises.

Water rehabilitation is fully safe: non-swimmers may use special flotation belts and the pools are 110 to 130 cm deep (3’7″ to 4’3″).