Swimming lessons

Swimming lessons for children and teenagers

The teaching system in the Termy Maltańskie & Fregata Swimming School takes into account the participants’ age and level of skills. Children gain new abilities on particular levels: “water familiarisation”, “I can swim backstroke”, “I can swim front crawl”, “I can swim breaststroke” or “I can swim dolphin crawl”. Children gain particular swimming skills and their awareness of the main goals is an important stimulating factor in learning swimming effectively and enjoying these new skills.

Swimming lessons for adults – beginner and advanced levels

The courses are organized according to a teaching programme created by a methodology specialist dr Stanisława Głąba, in groups divided on the basis of the initial level of skills. The offer consists of five stages, including four for those who learn swimming techniques and one for people who master the skills.

The learning and mastering techniques classes are divided into semesters: a winter semester (September – January) and a summer semester (February – June), with classes once a week.

There are between 16 and 21 classes in one semester. A modern teaching programme including the division into successive levels of competency ensures an effective teaching process. Due to this programme the School is the only one in Greater Poland that guarantees the continuity of learning for many years on the basis of learner’s skills and age.

Individual lessons

Individual classes are perfect for those who need to master a particular swimming style, improve or gain new skills. Classes with an instructor are customised to a person’s needs and abilities and are available all week by prior arrangement.

More information: www.fregata.com.pl