Important information

Presented below is some practical information on the rules of use of the Termy Maltańskie facilities

The cash desks and changing rooms are located in the hall on the ground level of the building.
After purchasing the ticket and changing footwear, visitors can enter a desired part of the complex: the sports area (Sports Pools) or the recreational area (Water Park and Sauna World) going through the changing rooms and the shower space.
The entry ticket has the form of a special bracelet with an electronic chip, a so called transponder, which functions as a key to the locker, a pass for moving between zones, and a special pay card at the same time.
The lockers in changing rooms at Termy Maltańskie can be opened and locked with a transponder. Guests may choose their lockers freely, they are assigned to them when locked with the transponder. To effectively lock the locker, the transponder has to be put against the lock
in the labelled place above the handle and kept there until a red light emitting diode lights up.
The indication of the locker being correctly locked is a pulsing red LED – it signifies that all electronic encryption data have been saved in the lock and the transponder.
When opening the lock, after checking the number of the locker (transponder readers are available in the changing rooms), the transponder should be put against the lock in the labelled place above the handle and kept there until a green LED lights up.
It is important to leave the locker open and unencrypted.
To sum up: when securing the locker, the transponder should be put against it for a moment to save all data to the locker and the bracelet chip, this will lock it and assign it to the transponder. One should make sure that the pulsing LED indicates the locker is completely secured electronically. If the LED does not start pulsing, the transponder should be put against the lock again.

The transponder is a special cross between a pass and a pay card (except for the restaurant, no cash payments can be made within the complex): it records the areas visited and times spent in them, towels, sheets and bathrobes rentals, and the usage of sunbeds or a mini-bar in the saunas.
The control of the current amount of available time and a reminder of the locker number are possible with the use of transponder readers placed in each of the areas as well as in the changing rooms.

On exit, all payments are settled on the basis of the read-out from the transponder: extending the stay above the time covered by the ticket or changing to an area not covered by the ticket is paid in accordance with the per minute rate indicated in the price list.
The time of stay is recorded from the moment of crossing the gate by the cash desk to the moment of settling the account. When exiting, while waiting to settle the transponder read-out, it is possible to stop recording of the time for 10 minutes – special transponder readers are located by the cash desk. However, not settling the stay during this time results in the continuity of charging the per minute rate (i.e. the pause in recording of the time is annulled).

The transponder also allows guests to freely change areas of their stay, i.e. to move between the Sports Pools, the Water Park and the Sauna World.

Guests with tickets for the Water Park and the Sports Pools can also enter the Sauna World: the time spent there will be charged with a separate per minute rate according to the Sauna World’s price list. The time counter for the Water Park or the Sports Pools is paused during the stay in the Sauna World.

Guests with the Sauna World tickets can freely enter the Water Park or the Sports Pools areas and their stay in these areas will not be additionally charged but will be covered by the purchased ticket; extending the stay is always charged according to the Sauna World rates.
Guests with the Water Park tickets can also use the Sports Pools – exceeding the limit covered by the purchased ticket results in an additional charge according to the current price list.

Children under the age of 14 are only allowed to visit Termy Maltańskie with adult supervision. Under-age persons (under the age of 18) should have a valid id proving their age.
Entry to the Sauna World is limited to persons over 16 years old:

In the swimming pool halls, pool footwear and swimsuits are required: for women and girls – a one- or two-piece swimwear, for men and boys – swim briefs, trunks or shorts.

A CCTV monitoring system is installed in the Termy Maltańskie complex for safety reasons. The system covers the open-access areas, with full respect for privacy – the Sauna World, changing rooms, showers and toilets are not under surveillance.

More information:
Customer Service Office, open daily from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Tel: (+48 61) 222 61 61

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